At Cress Company, Inc We believe that quality work is built upon planning, care, and precision. While factors that go beyond our control may occasionally arise, such as the weather, we strive to create your perfect luxury home within a reasonable timeframe. To provide a home that best fits your family’s needs, we take time to examine each and every variable that goes into the development your home. This attention to detail and quality might require a certain amount of time to bring a home to completion, but rest assured that we have a guideline to which we are usually able to adhere in a timely fashion.


When we endeavor to create your luxury home, trust that we will never take shortcuts to finish a project that requires a precise and discerning eye. Our homes are only finished after we have applied painstaking and honest methods of appraisal to every aspect of the foundation. This commitment to excellence has led to the timeline below, which outlines the steps and stages of your luxury home’s development, as well as the basic order in which they occur.


Planning, Approvals, Home Building, Exterior, Interior, and Completion:


These are the foundational stages in creating your home.


Planning can be the most exciting of stages in which we collaborate to select a site, design plans, specifications, and costs for your home.


The Approval stage involves securing financing, permits, and developer or homeowner association approval, should they be required.


Once we reach Home Building the fun begins. This is the stage when we begin to implement your dreams and desires into your luxury home. These include the foundation layout, any necessary tree clearing, excavating, foundation, and exterior accroutements such as frames, windows, doors, trim, and siding.


From this stage it’s natural to slide into the Exterior phase during which we select paint, address roofing, utilities, brick or stone exterior, gutters and brick flashing, exterior concrete, and yard grading. This is the stage during which people become most excited as they begin to envision their dream home. After all, the exterior design of your home has an impact on your neighborhood as well as your sense of pride. These are exciting decisions to make! Consider styles such as American, European, Craftsman, Modern, Cabin, and many others. You will be the master of your dream home, supervising decisions about trim, siding, entrances, and all materials required.


Next we move into the Interior stage. This is where designing a custom home gets exciting. During this stage you’ll create an environment which reflects your personal style and taste. You’ll make decisions about things such as ceiling paint, flooring, cabinets, trim, countertops, mechanical finishes, hardware, appliances, heating and cooling, and plumbing. Let yourself dream big at this stage! Consider fireplaces, hearths, trim, paint, interior doors, styles, built-ins, hardware, cabinetry, carpeting, flooring, et cetera. At this point, some people find it helpful to consult an interior designer who knows and understands the process involved in creating the perfect home. A professional interior designer possesses the knowledge and resources to save you time and energy during this phase of the project. An interior designer can:


Acquire and organize samples


Coordinate ordering, shipping and receiving deliveries


Plan your room layouts


Keep track of all the design details


And much more!


We have worked closely with a number of skilled interior designers in the area and will be glad to provide referrals upon request.


Last but not least, we reach the Completion stage. This is when we clean, undergo inspections, and close on the immaculate final product. Congratulations, you are now the owner of a quality Cress Company, Inc home!




You are going to LOVE your new home!

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